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Singapore Citizen Application ​

Singapore’s unique identity as a modern, cosmopolitan city-state that values efficiency, diversity, and economic progress while maintaining a focus on green spaces and quality of life – a comfortable home for you and your family. 

It is a melting pot of cultures, with a diverse population consisting of Chinese, Malay, Indian, and other ethnic groups living in Singapore where you will be able to integrate into the multicultural environment very quickly.

Despite our small size, Singapore has a robust and highly developed economy, a global financial center and a hub for trade, commerce, and technology. Also a preferred location for multinational corporations due to its business-friendly environment, strategic location, and skilled workforce hence, there are many opportunities for our citizens to be exposed to various working cultures. 

Singapore is known for its low crime rate and is considered one of the safest cities in the world which is affirmed by a 1.6% increment of Singapore citizens from 2022 (3,553.7 million) to 2023. 

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Pros & Cons of becoming a Singapore Citizen

Pros Cons
The right to live in Singapore, enter freely, and leave while still retaining citizenship


Duo citizenship is not allowed  

You must renounce your foreign citizenship before officially becoming a Singapore citizen after your Singapore citizenship is approved. 

A Singapore passport 

Singapore has the most powerful passport in the world with no visa required access to over 192 countries in the world


National Service Liability 

All male Singapore Citizens by birth or registration are liable for National Service (NS) when they reach the age of 16½ years. They are required to serve 2 years of full-time NS and up to 40 days of NS every year until the age of 50 for officers or 40 for the others.

Employment opportunities

Most companies in Singapore prefer employing Singapore citizens or PRs

CPF money is locked in

Every Singapore citizen is required to contribute to the CPF funds, where you can withdraw and use the funds for housing, medical and education purposes but you are not allowed to withdraw entirely.

Real estate and housing

Only singapore citizens are eligible to buy / rent HDB flats from the Housing & Development Board of Singapore and also obtaining loans, at a concessionary interest rate, from the HDB to fund their housing. First time home owners are also eligible for housing grants (eligibility must be met) 


Lower school fees for Singapore citizens (free for primary public schools) as compared to PRs & foreigners


Singapore citizens enjoy highly subsidized medical care in the government facilities. There are several healthcare schemes that are only eligible to citizens (i.e. Medicare, Medifund, CHAS)

Parenthood incentives

As a Singaporean, you are also eligible for various cash incentives, relieves and tax rebates when you become a parent

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