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Singapore Immigration Consultancy is a locally owned Boutique Concierge Firm that specialises in helping foreign individuals achieve their immigration goal which is mainly Singapore Permanent Residency and the Singapore Citizenship. Providing only experienced staffs who have years of immigration experience to serve our clients.

SIC is led and helmed by the Founder / Principle Consultant Mr Aaron Lee. Mr Aaron Lee has been locally known as the Guru of Singapore Immigration, widely known for his vast years of experience and unique self taught and research methods to give his clients the winning formula. Mr Aaron started off as a Junior Immigration Specialist and rose up the ranks in the Immigration sector and held many managerial positions in numerous immigration firms in Singapore. Having been in all the departments that can support a good application, Mr Aaron is the go to individual to tackle your immigration worries.


Veronica KohVeronica Koh
11:33 02 Mar 24
Pleasant and hassle free experience . Very knowledge staff and team , thanks so much
Jaylen TanJaylen Tan
08:49 02 Mar 24
keith Lowkeith Low
07:11 02 Mar 24
Delicate consultation, very detailed & meticulous explanation in the whole application. Thank you guys for helping my wife to gain her citizenship in such a short time.
Ray TanRay Tan
06:41 02 Mar 24
tan choon siongtan choon siong
05:28 02 Mar 24
Li Fang SawLi Fang Saw
08:03 01 Mar 24
A wonderful experience working with Zen@SIC to obtain my PR in Singapore. His team was extremely knowledgeable about the application process and provided me with step-by-step guidance throughout. They were patient to answer all my queries and ensured that my application was at its best! .Thank you Zen and the SIC team !
Aaron KwekAaron Kwek
07:50 01 Mar 24
"My wife and I had a wonderful experience working with Zen and AL from ( SIC) to secure her PR in Singapore.From the initial consultation to the final approval, their team was incredibly supportive and efficient. They provided personalized guidance, ensuring that we understood every step of the process. Their attention to detail and expertise in navigating the complexities of the application were truly impressive. Thanks to SIC, my wife's PR was approved without any hiccups.I highly recommend their services to anyone looking to sponsor their spouse for PR in Singapore."
Rapeeporn A.Rapeeporn A.
07:48 01 Mar 24
I recently had the pleasure of experiencing the services at SIC, and I must say it was a refreshing and positive encounter. The Consultant (AL) excels in several key areas that set it apart from others in the industry.The amount of expertise within their current field was a standout feature, Unlike many other Immigration Consulting Firms. My consultant (AL) prioritizes and understands my feelings about having to go through a tedious and horrendous process with another firm that couldn’t get me my PR. The staff were knowledgeable and helpful, providing information guiding my husband and I throughout our journey to getting my PR.Perhaps the most attractive aspect of here is its commitment to utilizing their expertise to help us with immigration matters in a relaxed environment. This firms understands the importance of getting a PR/Citizenship for foreigners like myself thus the detailed breakdown and planning of route for us..Kudos to your Team !!!!
Koh JenniferKoh Jennifer
07:45 01 Mar 24
Zen’s meticulous attention to detail in documenting my application was truly commendable. The clarity and precision in the documentation not only showcased their expertise but also made the entire process seamless. I appreciate Zen’s commitment to excellence, turning what could be a mundane task into a valuable asset for my application

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12 Years of Singapore Immigration Consultation Experience


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Be it getting your application for Permanent Residency/Citizenship in Singapore, or application for a long-term visit pass for your family member – At Singapore Immigration Consultancy, we are committed to helping you through the complicated process of application by guiding you through each step to finally realising your dreams. Your interest is our priority!

Our team’s 12 years of combined experience, with our in-depth and up-to-date understanding of Singapore’s immigration policies are our pledges to helping each and every of our customers to achieve their wishes.

Why are we able to give you affordable prices?


Do not fall for Immigration Traps


4 / 5 choose to sub out their projects to other freelancer / firm require many people to handle your case. This is an unethical way to handle your documents as we believe that your paperwork should be handled by the Primary Consultant you first engaged with. It does not sound right to hand over the job to someone who has never met you before.

SIC Process


We can offer you such affordable pricing because our staffs are trained and knowledgeable, capable of handling multiple roles for your needs.


Customized Cover Letter

We will get a well-crafted cover letter as part of your permanent residency application can be crucial. The cover letter serves as a personal introduction and allows you to highlight key aspects of your application.


Social Integration

Organize relevant voluntary work to enhance your permanent residency application, advising on suitable opportunities aligned with Singapore’s priorities and guiding you on presenting this experience effectively in your application.


Accurate Documentation

Ensuring all required documents are correctly prepared, verified, and submitted in accordance with Singapore’s immigration policies.


Policy Knowledge​

Stay informed about the latest immigration policies and regulations to align your application with current requirements.


Strategic Guidance

Providing personalized strategies to strengthen your application, such as emphasizing relevant qualifications and addressing any potential concerns.


Application Assistance​

Offering guidance and support throughout the entire application process, from submission to follow-ups.


Timely Updates​

Keeping you informed about the status of your application and any changes in immigration procedures or requirements.


Professional Experience​

Leveraging on the consultancy’s expertise and experience to navigate any potential challenges effectively.


Communication Skills​

Effectively communicating your qualifications and intentions in a clear and compelling manner to immigration authorities.



Ensuring strict adherence to immigration laws and guidelines to avoid any complications that may arise from non-compliance.